Fat Loose Vegetarian Diet Plan For Women

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October 23, 2018
November 2, 2018

Fat Loose Vegetarian Diet Plan For Women

This  veggie lover weight reduction supper plan makes it simple to eat meat free and shed pounds.

Regardless of whether you as of now pursue a vegan diet or are simply hoping to go meatless once in a while, this day veggie lover feast plan makes it simple to eat without meat and get thinner. Eating more plant-based sustenances is an awesome method to help your wellbeing. A veggie lover diet has been appeared to diminish your danger of coronary illness, type-2 diabetes and even certain kinds of growth. In this 1,500 calorie veggie lover weight reduction dinner plan, we make a point to incorporate a lot of filling sustenances so you feel fulfilled—not starved—while cutting calories. Protein rich beans and tofu, high-fiber entire grains, products of the soil and solid fats, similar to nuts, help to keep you feeling stimulated throughout the day. Coupled this sound dinner plan with day by day practice and you’re on track to lose a 1 to 2 pounds for each week.

How TO Loose Fat For Women with Good Diet Plan

Every people have different lifestyle different personality different body structure according to your structure 

  1. calculate your Basal metabolic rate (BMR) according to your height ,weight ,age
  2. Then according to your bmr You have to follow the diet plan 
  3. if your bmr is 1500 then its plan for u 
  4. If u take more than 1500 calories so will gain your weight & if you take less than 1500 calories then u will loose your weight 
  5. so here i start to tell you to how to count your calories 
  6.  Every person definitely burn 1300 calories without doing anything in a day
  7.  then u have left 200 calories now suppose you started workout too with that diet & you burn 600 calories more
  8.  now you have now 800 calories which is more than from your maintaing target
  9.  you maintaintain your target & burn calories too 
  10. if you continue follow the diet plan you will definitely loose weight

So Here What To Eat For Maintain Weight


Firstly you have to take heavy breakfast so that you will keep your energy for full day

  • 2 Roti   (Medium size 90 calorie)  180 calorie
  •  100gm curry/lentils                          350 calorie
  •  green tea with lemon (1 cup )       00    calorie

                                                       total              530  calories


you can take milk tea instead of green tea if you have a habbit of taking tea in the morning

then it will increase your calorie numbe in

one tea cup will add 90 calories more now u have 530+90=620 calories total


  • you have to eat in every 2 hours 
  • & you have to take atleast 70 to 100 gm protein too in whole day
  • being a vegetarian we have very limited way to take proper protein
  • here are some food which give u protein pure vegetarian
  •  lentils,beans,quinoa,  paneer,curd
Morning Snack
  • Take any one fruit like 
  • banana     125 calorie
  • apple            90 calorie
  •  orange         50 calorie
  •  pear               70 calorie & so on
  • u have to choose any fruit according to season 
  •  Strawberry  (4 to 5) 100gm   33 calorie
  • or black berry any 1 fruit 
  • 1 cup spinach                               27 calorie
  • 3 to 4 nuts                                      65 calorie
  •                                 total                 125 calorie
  • u can  take totally 150 calorie overall
  • salad mix or quinoa       250 calorie
  • quinoa is high in protein & less in calorie
  • one cup green tea with lemon 
Evening Snack
  • protein shake     125 calorie (with 30gm protein)
  • & u can take one cup skimmed milk 90 calorie 
  •  never sleep without eat
  • one cup dal ,rajma any curry  around 
  • or one cup rice (50 to 100 gm)                       120 to 150 calorie
  •                                        total                               250 calorie
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