I am swera aggarwal, an avid traveler, a day-night dreamer and a soul wandering in the world. I have a zest for driving whilst exploring new places & sharing back those travel experiences with the other fellow travelers. I love Spreading Smiles.

My Hobbies

Besides traveling, I enjoy and love my work to the core, trying to be ever competitive in challenges offered to me in my professional life. Personally, Cricket, Computers, Netflix and Hollywood Movies always finds a special attention in my day to day life. Just as everything starts with a cause, so do this whole chapter of traveling in my life.

i love to learn different different culture , food , languages i always tried to learn new things .


How I Started

One day a idea goes through my mind for sharing all I learn from travel with the likes of you, hence I choose to start this blog. This Blog is simply about my hobby and passion for traveling to the world specially India and getting connected with them in one or the other form. You can expect experiences, learning, thoughts, tips, guides, routes, maps, suggestions, hotel reviews, travel news etc. You all are most welcome to join in, be a part of our blog and share your comments, experiences, thoughts, suggestions etc or any stuff related to traveling, driving, dining, riding etc.

Share Your Experience With Me

You are most welcome to leave a comment if I missed something, I will get back to you within no time. I hope you will subscribe or join the blog to read/share what’s new in this blog with each passing day and keep on visiting again and again to share your Travel (or driving or riding) experiences, comments, thoughts, suggestions etc.

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